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Haere Mai and Welcome to our Environment and Awards Section.

Four generations of our whanau currently reside in Te Anau so we see that it is our responsibility to preserve and conserve the area for future generations.

The values of Manaakitanga and Kaitiakitanga are at the core of our operations in Te Anau, these terms expresses two key messages which we pass onto our staff and express to our guests. Firstly Manaakitanga, this to us expresses the obligations of the host to ensure our manuhiri (visitors and guests) receive a highest level of hospitality, service and respect to expand their experience while they are visiting us and sharing our history, natural spaces and facilities. Secondly Kaitiakitanga, for us we don’t work in Te Anau; we live, thrive and grow our family, our community and our reputation. The message relates to the responsibilities that we, as the host have to preserve and conserve the natural environment around us for the future.

Sponsorship and Support

Supporting local and community initiatives

Ronald McDonald House South Island

Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park are supporting Ronald McDonald House South Island (www.rmhsi.org.nz) by providing 2 nights accommodation towards a Fiordland travel package which will be auctioned by Ronald McDonald House South Island in June 2014.

The proceeds of the auction go towards the running and upkeep of the house in Christchurch and the family room in Invercargill.

About Ronald McDonald House South Island

Ronald McDonald House South Island operates two facilities – Ronald McDonald House South Island in Christchurch and the Ronald McDonald Family Room, Southland Hospital, in Invercargill.

Ronald McDonald House South Island’s mission is to provide free accommodation and support to families who have children being treated at Christchurch and Invercargill Hospitals.

Ronald McDonald House South Island support families of children up to, and including 21 years, and they are never charged for their stay, regardless of whether it is one night, or many months.

Ronald McDonald House South Island receive no direct Government funding, so the facilities are reliant on public donations, grants and generous corporate sponsorship to help keep their doors open 365 days a year. More information and how to sponsor visit www.rmhsi.org.nz.

Awards and Certificates

Suzanne Spencer Memorial Award 2014

Te Anau Lakeview Kiwi Holiday Park & Motels was awarded runner up for the 2014 He tohu maumahara ki a Suzanne Spencer (Suzanne Spencer Memorial Award) for “Story of Business”! Awarded by KUMA – Te Kupeka Umaka Maori ki Araiteuru Inc the criteria for the Award changes each year and this year this was “Planning for Success”.

Te Anau Tartan Festival Easter 2014

First Place Trophy for “Best Tartan-Themed Business

Suzanne Spencer Memorial Award 2013

Te Anau Lakeview Kiwi Holiday Park & Motels has been awarded the 2013 He tohu maumahara ki a Suzanne Spencer (Suzanne Spencer Memorial Award) for “Story of Business”! Awarded by KUMA – Te Kupeka Umaka Maori ki Araiteuru Inc it is an Award for telling the Story of your business through Māori identity using symbols, art, language and connection to land. We are very proud indeed of our staff and whanau! Other finalists were The Pukekura Trust, Te Hikoi and Ngai Tahu Maori Law Centre.

Suzanne Spencer Award.jpg

Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2013 & 2012

Awarded based on the reviews visitors like you give our Lakeview Holiday Park

Cert of Excel 2013.jpgTrip Advisor 2012.jpg


Venere.com – Top Clean – 2013

Te Anau Lakeview Kiwi Holiday Park & Motels has been voted by Venere.com’s users as Top Clean 2013. This award is exclusively determined by Venere users’ feedback and only a number of properties across the world are receiving it right now.

Venere Top Clean 2013.jpg

Qualmark Enviro Silver Award

Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park was awarded a Silver Enviro Award during their most recent Qualmark Assessment (March 2012) – this Award recognises the environmental achievements and practices put in place at the Te Anau Lakeview Kiwi Holiday Park to address Environmental Issues.

Te Tauri Family Trust – 2010 Fiordland Operator of the Year.

They say it is the little things that we all do which help the most. So here in Te Anau at the Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park we came up with a vision to raise awareness of both local and global environmental issues, to provide an educational overview and the opportunity for our guests to take those first steps towards being part of the solution.

Awards Dinner 10.jpg

Fundraising Activity

On the 11th of February 2011 we raised $2,318.30 in support of the Breast Cancer Cure Research Trust. Over 300 Holiday Parks nationwide took up the Breast Cancer Research Trust’s $1,000 Challenge to join the fight to find a cure for breast cancer by 2018.

Our receptionist Lauren volunteered to have her hair SHAVED OFF in support of Breast Cancer Cure Research Trust!!

Many thanks to those of you who were able to support this worthy cause. More information and how you can donate at www.breastcancercure.org.nz

Our Environmental Policies


Switch it off

Lights, heaters, fridges, buildings and more. If it is not required, it is turned off


Reducing waste or wasteful practices, conserving resources such as water, electricity and thinking about the way items are packaged.


Re-use benefits the environment by reducing the need to harvest new resources for each new product, and as a consequence of this the overall cost of production may be significantly reduced. For example water bottles, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, etc.


At the Lakeview Holiday Park we recycle glass and plastic, more recycling facilities are available in Te Anau at the Te Anau Transfer Station.

Other Policies

Guests in serviced rooms can opt to not have their rooms serviced or to reuse towels thus reducing the amount of laundry detergent and waste water that needs to be treated.

Protecting Native Fiordland Wildlife

BUY A BOX: Nominated for the Southland Region Department of Conservation “Corporate Conservation Award 2009”

‘Buy a Box’

Native birds in New Zealand evolved without any natural predators, with the arrival of the first humans, pests such as mice, rats, stoats and possums were introduced, these species of mammals compete with native birds for food, eat eggs and baby birds and also kill fully grown adult birds.

“Buy a Box” provides the opportunity to donate towards the building of a “fatal trap” which targets rats and stoats in the Doon Valley, on the edge of the Takahe special protection area. The trap mechanism is caged within a wooden box with bait to lure target pests to investigate. Each pest we kill assists with the control and hopefully the eradication of introduced pests such as Stoats and Rats in environmentally sensitive areas .

For information about each of the species that are being targeted by our Buy a Box campaign please click on the species name below to follow the link to the Department of Conservation Website:

Stoats Rats

These traps will be placed in the Doon area of Fiordland National Park and on Lake Te Anau’s western shores bordering the Special Area where the Native ground bird Takahe (Notornis) are rapidly nearing extinction from their original habitat high up in the Murchison Mountains.

Takahe Release - Murchison Mountains 2008

If you wish to purchase one of these traps we will tag the trap with your name on it, GPS its position and photograph the site for you. We will also e-mail you with updates on the work being done in this area.

Location of Stoat traps in Doon Valley

The traps will be placed in the Doon by volunteer staff from Tracknet, Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park, Te Anau Lakefront Backpackers, Fiordland Nature Observations, Edgewater Motels and Fiordland Cruises. These companies will also provide vessels, vehicles food and beverage for volunteers. If you wish to join us on a mission we will notify you of the dates we intend setting or checking the traps once you have purchased one.

Boat on Beach

These companies have collectively purchased 20 traps already to get the project underway but our target is to purchase 100 traps through the buy a box campaign.

The Department of Conservation have given us un-restricted access to the Doon catchment and obviously the more traps donated the better for this endangered species.

Stoat in Trap

The traps and box costs around $60 each. If you are in a position to purchase a box for $60.00 please mention this when making a reservation on any of the businesses listed above secure websites.



Adopt a Tree: Now completed

We began with an adopt a tree campaign whereby visitors were given the opportunity to Adopt a Tree for planting in our on-site Native Garden, This planting would offset some of the carbon those guests used during their New Zealand Holiday and also raise awareness of the issue of Global Warming. As we have now planted all 300 trees we have begun our local environmental campaign – ‘Buy a Box

What was Adopt a Tree?

Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park offered the opportunity to purchase and donate plants to a native garden planted in our Holiday Park. We were pleased to be able to offer visitors from all over the world the opportunity to “offset” some of their own personal carbon use by planting a tree in our new Native Garden.

Our vision for our garden is a fantastic setting to enjoy a picnic lunch amongst the trees however there is more to this garden. Oh Yes. It is hoped that these trees we will attract Native Birds into the area, Also many of the native plant species we are using were used by Maori in the days before Europeans and supermarkets!

Let’s start at the beginning!!

Did you know that as we move and exist on our planet human activities generate what recently has been referred to as a “Carbon Footprint”, each individual’s carbon use does vary depending on a number of factors or variables. Carbon is a naturally occurring element which is known as the building block of life; Carbon anchors all organic substances together on earth from fossil fuels to DNA. In the past Carbon has been naturally controlled by being cycled throughout the earths atmosphere and biota – there are many detailed diagrams, pictures and examples of this cycle on the internet, we have included some links below for your information.

Plants are a major part of the Carbon Cycle as they naturally break down carbon through cycles of their own called photosynthesis and respiration. As humans have cleared forests for the purposes of agriculture and timber logging they have taken a large chunk of the earths natural carbon reducers out of the mix. This along with other contributing factors has caused the Carbon Cycle on earth to become unbalanced. Carbon in moderation is best, too much Carbon is bad news for us as it appears to be causing the earth’s temperature to increase; some scientists are predicting that this may cause the polar ice caps to melt which may in turn increase the level of the world’s seas.

The burning of fossil fuels and deforestation (cutting down trees) are said to be the worst culprits for introducing Carbon into the atmosphere. To be part of the solution to this issue there are a lot of things we can do including planting trees to combat those being cut down.

How will planting a tree offset some of my carbon footprint?

We really could go into this in great detail but before you get bored the shortest explanation is that trees inhale carbon through their leaves (photosynthesis) and expel this as oxygen (respiration). Green trees and plants are the earth’s natural filtering system and they break down carbon and turn it into oxygen!

We are have planted 300 Native Trees and Plants which have been purchased by visitors planning their New Zealand holiday – They are Coprosma (30), Karaka (15), Kahikatea (15), Dianella (15), Kowhai (20), Kakabeak (15), Flax (30), Carex Grasses (30), Cabbage Trees (15), Manuka (25), Kanuka (25), Pittosporums (25), Hebes (20) and Akeakes (20) – These plants grow from 50 centimetres tall to over 30 metres.

YOU have the opportunity to visit our beautiful native garden when you come to New Zealand.

Once again a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Native Garden; offset some of their “carbon footprint” and provided future visitors with a wonderful amenity within our Holiday Park!!

So what can you do to contribute?

Look at ways you can make your carbon use more economical on a daily basis, see the links at the bottom of this page.

Terms and Conditions:

Anyone can purchase a plant providing they agree with the following terms and conditions.

  1. Payment per tree or plant is eight dollars NZD ($8.00 NZD)
  2. The eight (8) dollars is for one (1) New Zealand Native Tree or Plant only.
  3. The payment is the purchase price for the New Zealand Native tree or plant only.
  4. Payment is accepted by The Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park in the form of a “donation”.
  5. Once purchased the plant is gifted to the Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park.
  6. The New Zealand Native becomes the property of the Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park.
  7. Each plant will be labelled with the name and country of origin of the purchaser.
  8. The plant remains the property of the Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park.
  9. Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park reserves all rights over the New Zealand Natives Purchased.
  10. Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park reserves all rights over the ownership of the New Zealand Natives.
  11. No claim may be made by the purchaser over these plants or the land in which they are planted.
  12. The purchaser accepts that full ownership is by The Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park.

The Following companies participated in this iniative. Finally a big THANK YOU – For your support and for supporting the below New Zealand family owned and operated businesses!

Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park – Accommodation Provider www.teanau.info
Tracknet – Transport Provider – Fiordland and West Coast www.tracknet.net
Fiordland Nature Observations – Activities Provider www.natureobservations.com
Fiordland Cruises – Doubtful Sound Overnight www.doubtfulsound.com
West Arm Lodge and Steamers Beach Lodge www.teanau.info
Edgewater Motel – Te Anau Motel www.edgewater.net.nz

Educational Carbon Related Links:

Introduction to Carbon
The Carbon Cycle
The Modern Carbon Cycle
Humans and the Carbon Cycle
Photosynthesis and Respiration
Global Warming
Carbon Offset Information
Benefits of Tree Planting (Sequestration)

A very special thank you to those who contributed to our Native Garden and Buy a Box campaigns. Thank you to those who took the opportunity to make a donation towards creating a wonderful space that all visitors will be able to enjoy and helping to protect our natural heritage by donating towards traps that will help control target pest species. We trust you enjoyed your New Zealand Holiday.

Thank you,

Te Anau Holiday Park LTD


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