Our Environmental Practices

Four generations of our whanau currently reside in Te Anau so we see that it is our responsibility to preserve and conserve the area for future generations.

The values of Manaakitanga and Kaitiakitanga are at the core of our operations in Te Anau, these terms expresses two key messages which we pass onto our team and express to our guests.  Firstly Manaakitanga, this to us expresses the obligations of the host to ensure our visitors receive a highest level of hospitality, service and respect to expand their experience.  Secondly Kaitiakitanga, for us we don’t work in Te Anau; we live, thrive and grow our family, our community and our reputation. The message relates to the responsibilities that we, as the host have to preserve and conserve the natural environment around us for the future.


Switch it off

Lights, heaters, fridges, buildings and more. If it is not required, it is turned off.  This is especially practiced during the winter months where guest numbers are lower and we are able to close down a lot of the accommodations that are not required.


Reducing waste or wasteful practices, conserving resources such as water, electricity and thinking about the way items are packaged.


Re-use benefits the environment by reducing the need to harvest new resources for each new product, and as a consequence of this the overall cost of production may be significantly reduced. For example water bottles, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, etc.


Located within the Park is our very own Recycling area which encourages our guests to sort their rubbish into labelled bins for glass, card, plastic & paper.   We then take it all down to the Te Anau Transfer Station, more recycling facilities are available.


Service Opt-Out

We have provided our guests in serviced accommodation the option to opt-out of having a full service.   This allows guests to reuse towels & bedding thus reducing the amount of cleaning required, waste water that needs to be treated and freight.


Qualmark Enviro Silver Award

Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park was awarded a Silver Enviro Award during their most recent Qualmark Assessment (March 2012) – this Award recognises the environmental achievements and practices put in place at the Te Anau Lakeview Kiwi Holiday Park to address Environmental Issues.


Protecting Native Fiordland Wildlife

BUY A BOX: Nominated for the Southland Region Department of Conservation “Corporate Conservation Award 2009”

‘Buy a Box’

Native birds in New Zealand evolved without any natural predators, with the arrival of the first humans, pests such as mice, rats, stoats and possums were introduced, these species of mammals compete with native birds for food, eat eggs and baby birds and also kill fully grown adult birds.

“Buy a Box” provides the opportunity to donate towards the building of a “fatal trap” which targets rats and stoats in the Doon Valley, on the edge of the Takahe special protection area. The trap mechanism is caged within a wooden box with bait to lure target pests to investigate. Each pest we kill assists with the control and hopefully the eradication of introduced pests such as Stoats and Rats in environmentally sensitive areas .

For information about each of the species that are being targeted by our Buy a Box campaign please click on the species name below to follow the link to the Department of Conservation Website:

Stoats Rats

These traps will be placed in the Doon area of Fiordland National Park and on Lake Te Anau’s western shores bordering the Special Area where the Native ground bird Takahe (Notornis) are rapidly nearing extinction from their original habitat high up in the Murchison Mountains.

Takahe Release - Murchison Mountains 2008

If you wish to purchase one of these traps we will tag the trap with your name on it, GPS its position and photograph the site for you. We will also e-mail you with updates on the work being done in this area.

Location of Stoat traps in Doon Valley

The traps will be placed in the Doon by volunteer staff from many of the Tauri’s family businesses.  These will also provide the vessels, vehicles, food and beverage for volunteers. If you wish to join us on a mission we will notify you of the dates we intend setting or checking the traps once you have purchased one.

Boat on Beach

These companies have collectively purchased 20 traps already to get the project underway but our target is to purchase 100 traps through the buy a box campaign.

The Department of Conservation have given us un-restricted access to the Doon catchment and obviously the more traps donated the better for this endangered species.

Stoat in Trap

The traps and box costs around $60 each. If you are in a position to purchase a box for $60.00 please mention this when making a reservation on any of the following businesses secure websites.

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